For the cocktail (makes 2)

    • Ice
    • 90ml vodka (3 shots)
    • 2 x limes (juiced)
    • 1 x passionfruit
    • Handful of mint
    • Grapefruit Soda

    For the garnish

    • High quality flaky salt for the rim (we love Maldon)
    • A lime wedge
    • 1 x passionfruit or dehydrated citrus slices

    1. Prepare the salt rim

    • Put your flaky salt on a small plate
    • Slide the lime wedge around the rim of your glass
    • Drip the rim into the salt - you can do the whole glass or just a portion

    2. Make the cocktail

    • Fill your shaker with ice
    • Add the 90ml (3 shots) of vodka
    • Add the juice of 2 limes
    • Add in the pulp of the passionfruit and the handful of mint
    • Shake! Shake! Shake!

    3. Assemble the cocktail

    • Strain your cocktail from the shaker into your glasses.
    • Top with a splash of grapefruit soda.
    • Garnish with either half a passionfruit, or dehydrated citrus slices!