• 45ml 1800 Coconut Tequila 
    • The juice of 2-3 limes
    • Lots of ice
    • Chilli flakes
    • Desicated Coconut
    • Flaky salt
    • Garnish - dehydrated fruit or whole chilli

    1. Prepare your salt mix

    • Mix together the salt, chilli and desiccated coconut. I like to make a batch and keep in an air tight container for future margs days.
    • Ratios: be careful of your ratios! You don’t want it too spicy, or not salty enough - try starting with a ratio of 2 salt:½ chilli:1 coconut. 
    • Lay this out on a beautiful dish, for easy dipping! 

    2. Prepare your glass

    • I like to use an Old Fashioned style whiskey glass, because I love my Margarita's over ice. 
    • Salt the rim by sliding a cut lime around the top of the glass, and dipping it on your salt mix plate.
    • One this is done, fill the glass to the top with ice. 

    3. Make the cocktail

    • In a shaker, juice 2 limes (more if they are not very juicy) and add your coconut tequila and a pinch of chilli flakes
    • Fill the shaker with ice
    • Shake, shake, shake! 

    4. Assemble the cocktail

    • Strain the mix into your prepped glass
    • Add your garnish - I love dehydrated fruit or a full red chilli.