• 45ml high quality reposado tequila 
    • The juice of 1 lime
    • A few slices of fresh (not pickled) jalapeño
    • Fresh pineapple cut into slices
    • 60ml unsweetened pineapple juice
    • 15ml of Cointreau
    • Lots of ice
    • Flaky salt
    • Chilli flakes (or Tajin – it’s perfect for this recipe!)
    • Dehydrated pineapple or whole jalapeño for garnish

    1. Prepare your salt mix

    • Mix together the salt and the chilli. - try starting with a ratio of 2 salt:½ chilli
    • Alternatively, use only Tajin, it’s the perfect blend of salt, lime and chilli
    • Lay this out on a saucer, for easy dipping! 

    2. Prepare your glass

    • I like to use an Old Fashioned style whiskey glass, because I love my Margarita's over ice. 
    • Salt the rim by sliding a cut lime around the top of the glass, and dipping it in your salt mix. Once this is done, fill the glass to the top with ice. 

    3. Make the cocktail                      

    • In a cocktail shaker, add your pineapple and jalapeño with your tequila, and muddle
    • Add the Cointreau, the juice of 1 lime, and unsweetened pineapple juice
    • Fill the shaker with ice
    • Shake, shake, shake! 

    4. Assemble the cocktail   

    • Strain the mix over your prepped glass with ice
    • Top with your gorgeous garnish, dehydrated pineapple is so beautiful as a garnish,
  • TIPS

    • If you have the time, charring the pineapple on the grill will add a really beautiful caramelised, charred flavour.
    • I recommend a reposado tequila for this recipe, it’s so much smoother and goes so well with the pineapple, especially if you char the fruit.
    • Remove the seeds from your jalapeño to reduce the spiciness, but keep the flavour.
    • If you don’t have a muddler, use the end of a rolling pin or a wooden spoon.
    • Fresh pineapple juice is always better, but unsweetened boxed or bottled juice will still be delicious.
    • I dehydrate my pineapple a couple days before in a fruit dehydrator – you can also make this in the oven on low heat. If you don't have time for either just buy some dehydrated fruit from the store, or use fresh pineapple, or lime slices.