• 45ml of high quality reposado tequila
    • The juice of 1 fresh lime
    • High quality salt flakes (we love Maldon)
    • Capi grapefruit soda, or your favourite grapefruit soda

    1. Prepare your glass

    • Run a lime wedge around the rim of your glass, and dip the glass in a plate of salt flakes. You can do the whole rim, or just a portion.
    • Add ice to your glass, fill to the top.

    2. Make the cocktail

    • Add lots of ice into your shaker.
    • Add the tequila and lime juice into the shaker over the ice.
    • Shake, shake, shake!!

    3. Assemble the cocktail

    • Strain the mix over the ice in your glass.
    • Top with the Capi grapefruit soda.
    • Garnish with dehydrated orange, a fresh orange, lime or grapefruit slice.