We recently had a photoshoot at our Bali villas, La Playa, and the photos were so beautiful we had to share them with you.

A little backstory on the villas... We arrived in Bali in June 2022, and the long-term rental prices were WILD after Covid, as people were flocking to Bali. We had booked a short-term villa from Australia, planning to stay there for 3 months as a base to get started. From that base, we wanted to explore our options for a more long-term place in person. The hunt began as soon as we landed, but we were shocked by the yearly rental prices for a family villa.

Our original plan was to buy land and build from scratch while living in a rental, but once we saw the rental prices, we decided to change our plan and look for a villa that was almost finished with construction. This allowed us to jump in and add some finishing touches to the project to make it feel like our own, cutting out the 12-18 months it would take to build from scratch.

We ended up finding a project that had two villas side by side in beautiful Seseh. They overlooked the rice fields, had gorgeous high ceilings, and were close to being finished. It was exactly what we wanted. It also meant we could live in one and then rent out the other one for guests. We love to travel, so we also rent out our own villa when we are away for longer periods. It works so well when our family and friends visit – they stay next door, and the kids can run between the two villas.

Step inside our Bali home, filled with treasures collected from our travels all over. I have loved working with local artisans to custom-make everything. All the wild ideas I dream up have come to life, and I love that all of the furniture and homewares have been made locally.

Bali has always been a dream for us, one that we didn't think would happen because our life was so set up in Australia. We made the giant leap, and it's been the best decision ever for us. Our kids, Hendrix and Peppa, are thriving; it's such an incredible place to raise children.

We will be sharing so much more this year, and we can't wait to take you along on the ride with us.

A massive thank you to Ruben Beeris our photographer on this shoot.

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